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MX-5 Based Abarth 124 Will Have More Power


Abarth 124The all-new fourth generation Mazda MX-5 has got to be one of the most anticipated cars of this year. This cheeky little roadster has gone back to its lightweight roots, once again proving that you don’t need loads of power to have a good time. Mazda went into a partnership with the Fiat group when it came to building this new car, and just like the GT86 and BRZ, Fiat will also get its own variation. To be named the Fiat 124, it is to receive new styling. However, the more interesting part of this story is that Abarth will get a higher performance version of the car. Abarth 124 anyone?

No details have leaked out just yet but company officials have been quoted say that the Abarth 124, if that is what it will be called, will be “extreme.” The favoured theory at the moment is that Abarth will make the most of the 1.75 litre turbocharged engine found in the Alfa Romeo 4C. This could result in an output of around 237HP. In a car that light and nimble, fun will never be too far away.

We hope to see the Fiat 124 before the end of 2015 with the Abarth surfacing shortly after.