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New Audi A2 Will Rock Down to Electric Avenue


Today Audi have their fingers in many pies. Think of a segment of the market they are pretty much there in one form or another. 4X4’s, soft-roaders, luxury saloons, luxury coupe’s, hatchbacks and even supercars. However, six years ago Audi withdrew from the small car market with its A2 leaving Mercedes’ A-Class to gobble up sales. But now in SHOCKING revelations the A2 is back.

The boxy four-seat concept keeps the originals aluminium spaceframe to reduce weight. Though echoing back to its predecessor in terms of design, this new car carries all the modern-day styling distinctions of its production siblings. This biggest change is that this car is to be all-electric and will compete directly with BMW’s i3. With underpinnings shared with the A1, the new A2 is due to go on sale in 2013.

For now this is just the concept, but its where everything begins.