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New Fiat Panda Comes Out of Captivity


The Fiat Panda ever since its beginning in 1980 has been an honest little motor. Pure and simple, an a to b sort of machine, never promising more than it could deliver. We like the Panda with its practicality and pleasant drive making for a great city package. This new 3rd generation model is said to be the Panda at “full maturity.”

This more rounded design compliments the slightly larger size of the new car that offers more practicality as a result. A revised folding seat arrangement makes this Panda versatile even incorporating a table into the front passenger seat when its not in use. There will be 3 petrol engines (85BHP turbo, 65BHP and a 69BHP 1.2 litre) and a 1.3 litre diesel. There is also an Abath variant in the mix…

The new Panda goes on sale in Aprils 2012.