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New Ford Fiesta “Metal” Edition Pumps Up The Power


Selling faster than the next best thing at Christmas, the Ford Fiesta is clinging to the top of sales charts both in the UK and overseas. The funky hatchback is a solid piece of engineering, just like each Fiesta that has gone before it, and its family orientated ergonomics make it a great long-term car. Today Ford extends the Fiesta’s offering by one.

This is the Fiesta Metal, not to say that other Fiesta’s were made of anything other, and it promises to deliver more than just new paint options. Fitted with a 1.6 litre petrol engine it will produce 132BHP, up 14BHP from the standard car. 118lb-ft  of torque is standard and combined with those previous figures can accelerate the little car from 0-62MPH in 8.7 seconds. Also in the package you get those sleek new 17 inch rims and leather interior.

Only 1,000 Metal Editions will be produced at a starting price of £15,695.


  1. Love the look (color and blacked-out rims), and the small improvements to handling (lowered slightly) and power (+12 HP) sound great. Maybe we’ll get a version of this soon.