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New Ford Focus ST Shown Before Paris


The Ford Focus ST has always been a source of practicality, affordability and performance. It’s the sort of car that your wife would let you buy and you would be happy to own, that was until the green party killed it off. The eco warriors got their way yet again and sealed the ST’s fait by banishing it from being sold within Europe. But never fear as Ford has just officially announced the all-new Focus ST for next year! They were so excited about it that they have let details slip a day before its debut.

We still stick by what we said when we first saw the car a few weeks ago in that it does look like a fish. Despite this it still manages to be attractive in a hot-hatch sort of way. This new ASBO inducer is powered by a 2.0 litre “EcoBoost” (BLOODY Eco Nazi’s!) four cylinder turbocharged engine producing 247BHP. So already it’s looking to give the Golf GTI a hard time but with 266 lb-ft of torque and a 6 speed manual gearbox it may well come out better in a scrap. Also this little trouble maker has some rather high-tech gizmos to combat under steer in a powerful front wheel drive car. Torque vectoring is usually found as an extra on a Porsche yet here we are with a Ford offering it as standard. No word on pricing yet but it has been confirmed that this car will make it to the US.