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New Jensen Interceptor To Launch 2014


The Jensen Interceptor… It wasn’t particularly quick, it wasn’t very well built and it was often manufactured out of the spare parts bin. But what it was is cool. The 1960’s Interceptor in terms of design still to this day has a cult following. The long sleek profile is pure GT and the name is simply the best ever etched onto a car. That all was many years ago and Jensen has long since disintegrated much like its cars. However, 2014 sees the return of cool.

CPP, who currently own supercar manufacturer Spyker, will produce the car for now Swiss owned Healey Sports Cars. Just like the original it is to be a low slung, four-seater GT and evoke all the buzz the first Interceptor did in 1966. Using an aluminum chassis the car will be built in the old Jaguar Factory in Browns Lane, England.

The new car is to be revealed in 2012 and the lucky owners shall take delivery in 2014.