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New Lancia Stratos Round-Up


Not so long ago we brought you news of a mysterious figure racing around an Alfa Romeo test track, the speculation bomb exploded as it’s vaguely retro shape appeared to resemble a Lancia Stratos. Is the rally king to be reincarnated? Production or one-off? Any chance of Ferrari powering this new car? The vast amount of questions caused some people’s heads to explode, but for those of us who survived we have some answers for you.

This is a new Lancia Stratos and for now it is a one-off, though small scale production is an option. The man who commissioned this remarkable car is Michael Stoschek, a man who ones one of the largest car component company’s in Germany. The car uses some internals from a Ferrari F430 such as its aluminium space frame that has been modified to gain the correct length. However we don’t see Ferrari willingly supplying these parts so our best guess is that one such Ferrari has been dissected in the name of retro. The bodywork is all carbon fibre allowing for a power to weight ratio of less than 5lb per BHP and 50:50 weight distribution should make this car extremely agile. No news on what will be powering the Stratos but if they have a 4.3 litre from a Ferrari lying around who knows.

More details as we get them.