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New Mazda RX-7 Set for 2016


Mazda RX-7Mazda’s rotary engines have always been a refreshing change from the normal when it comes to sports cars. If variety is the spice of life then these wankel engines, stop laughing, are the paprika. Their high revving nature has always been entertaining and oh so addictive to get to the red line on the open road. The RX-7 was quite the machine when it was new and now enjoys a cult following. It would appear there is good news for enthusiasts as the Japanese company are set to produce a new Mazda RX-7.

Though the much missed RX-8 brought the rotary engine back in 2003, new emissions regulations in Europe sealed its fate in 2012. According to Autocar a true two-seater coupé successor to the RX-7 is on the horizon. Officially there are no definitive plans to revive the RX-7, but sources inside Mazda say that the company is hard at work producing a new twin rotor wankel engine and that the next generation lightweight MX-5 platform could be used for the new sports car. A big focus has been placed on increased efficiency and reliability, the Achilles heel of such engines.

Mazda plan to introduce 5 new cars by April 2016 and if development continues at an encouraging pace, the new Mazda RX-7 could be one of them.