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New Megan 265 Trophy Is Renaults Fastest Car Ever


This is a fantastic time to be involved in the motor industry. Just like in the 1990’s where people didn’t have vast amounts of cash to spend on extravagant cars, Europe is seeing a renaissance of true hot-hatchbacks. Renault have always scored highly with their shoe-sized rockets and this Megan Renaultsport 265 Megan could well lead the pack.

It is the French companies fastest road legal car in their history and as you can guess from the name this Megan has 265BHP. Its Cup chassis and new Bridgestone rubber keep the car glued to the road and maximize this monsters tarmac torturing 360Nm of torque. 0-60MPH is completed in 6 seconds exactly and the hatchback wont yield until it hits 158MPH. Competitors such as the Golf and Scirocco R should be very worried especially with a reasonable price tag of £27,820. We all know how much of a key factor weight is but this Megan Trophy is no fatty with a power to weight ratio of 191BHP per tonne.

Unfortunately only 500 units will be made with orders opening 20th June. If you want one you are going to have to move as fast as the car itself!