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New Mercedes CL Out in the Open


Here it is, after months of speculation this is the new CL class from Mercedes-Benz. The masculine body styling of the new E-Class has found its way onto the CL to create an executive yet mildly intimidating stance. The previous model was fantastic as it has all the power and luxury you could ever want from a car such as this, but retained its exclusivity as many foolish buyers chose other brands.

The 2010 CL has an entirely redesigned V8 that produces 435BHP in the CL500 model. The car, as well as benefiting from a horde of luxury enhancing toys, is said to be 23% more efficient than the model it replaces. Unfortunately those completely unnecessary daytime running lights have made their way onto the car thanks to the EU feeling that despite it being light during the day, vehicles need some form of lights on when they are in use. 29.73MPG has been quoted but remember that this car was no more designed to save the planet than a plastic fork was to build a house. 0-62MPH is completed in 4.9 seconds and the top speed is electronically limited to 155MPH because if it were left to its own devises it could do over 190MPH, and that might scare some children…

We hope to be reviewing the new CL later this summer.