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New Morgan Eva GT Revealed


Morgan has been around for over 100 years and though over that time technology and performance within the cars have increased, design and philosophy hasn’t changed one bit. The quintessential British sports car manufacturer has been leaving a trail of breadcrumbs leading to their new model for the past few months. They say it’s a new design direction, with the car just unveiled at Pebble Beach we say it’s a design masterpiece!

The new Morgan Eva GT is the first 2+2 the company has ever produced. Isn’t it a stunning thing to look at? This car has stolen the show and our hearts as it brings the company roaring into the 21st century whilst not destroying the principle of the British sports car. This cars unique aluminium body panels are identical to those found on an aircraft keeping the car as light as possible. The Eva GT is powered by a BMW 6 cylinder that produces 302BHP, that’s enough for a 0-62MPH run in just 4.5 seconds! But the car is also practical seating four adults as well as room for luggage, not only that but it will do an estimated 40MPG.

Come 2012 we will ensure we snag one…