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New Renault Laguna Unveiled


The Renault Laguna is a rather underestimated car as many people just write them off as being “just another saloon.” The Laguna has always been a pleasant experience to drive, maybe not to own as I witnessed one of these cars living up to its name after heavy rain. However the cars first incarnation brought us the first mass produced keyless entry system and card ignition system, ok again it being French 80% of the time this feature resulted in you being locked out of your car but the point is that the Laguna at heart is a good car. And now there is a new one.

Not all new I will admit; these are more revisions if anything but it still looks to be at the sharp end of the 21st century in the aesthetics department. The new car has four-wheel-steering (the rear wheels turn as well) on the 180 dCi engine and the front end of the entire range has become more assertive. All engines will meet the new Euro 5 emissions standards and full details, specifications and pricing will be issued mid-October.

The new Laguna goes on sale this November.