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New Supercar Aims Big With BMW Power


BMW do much more than make luxury saloons and sports cars. Part of their business is also supplying engines to other manufacturers such as Morgan and Wiesmann to be used as the beating heart in their latest models. Unfortunately the biblical V10 that powered the M5 has been discontinued from the German’s manufacture and replaced with a twin-turbo V8. Despite this supercar hopeful Rossin-Bertin say they have a plentiful supply for their soon to be announced Vorax.

This car that packs a V10 punch and will be unveiled at the Brazilian motor show but it brings with it some rather interesting figures. The carbon fibre beast claims with its naturally aspirated engine 570BHP and will do 0-62MPH in 3.8 seconds. But tick the box for the supercharger and power rockets to 750BHP and 0-62MPH of just 3.6 seconds as well as a top speed of 231MPH. Now this all sounds very exciting but right now these are all just projections of its performance and as we know there is much that can go wrong for a small company between announcing a car and the first one rolling off the line. Rossin-Bertin aim to produce 500-1000 starting late 2011. The cost? $400,000…