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New Toyota Supra Successor Revealed as FT1


Toyota FT1 Concept rearThroughout the world of car enthusiasts there are some names that have become almost sacred. Nameplates such as Skyline, GT40 and Mustang are all highly coveted by their respective global fans. No matter how differentToyota FT1 Concept front these legends may be, they all have one thing in common… Each has a modern-day representative where as this car that we are about to get get very excited about does not. The Toyota Supra was one of the greatest sports cars to ever to be produced. Today its sucessor is made known to the world.

This “new Toyota Supra” is named FT1 which stands for Future Toyota 1. Though just a concept car for now, Toyota has said it is moving away from a philosophy of building cars with a “strong influence from the market” and “less risk” but now instead wants to make cars that “connect on an emotional level.” The FT1 with its long sculpted bonnet and cockpit pushed to the rear of the car is not part of Toyota’s hybrid sports car partnership with BMW. To be powered by an as yet unspecified combustion engine with no hybrid interaction, this car already has the world salivating. Taking design influences from Toyotas of the past, including Supra and the 2000GT, this thoroughly modern example of a sports car highlights where the Japanese company wants to go.