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New Volvo XC90 Revealed


Volvo Have pledged that within the next decade nobody will die inside one of their cars in an accident. A very bold statement, but if anyone can achieve such a thing Volvo can. Their cars already come with a whole host of safety measures to reduce injury. These days your new family car from the Swedes comes with more airbags than a bouncy castle. Now they have released our first look at the new XC90.

The original XC90 was as well acclaimed as what it is today and that is manly due to Volvo using the ancient art of “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.” These concept sketches show the cars replacement, and though keeping a boxy stance, the car is very different from todays school runner. Due in 2014, the new XC90 is shaping up to be very interesting. Will this be Volvo’s first cryo-chamber of immortality?