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Next Focus RS Rendered


Twice in two days! We must thank Autocar for this rendering of what potentially could be the next-gen Ford Focus RS. I must admit when the new design of next year’s Focus was unveiled I wasn’t convinced that a predicted RS model would look anything as mean as what we have today, but if Ford build it to look like this I would be very wrong. The muscular athletics aren’t the only surprises this new car is hiding.

Rumour has it, now I know it just rumour but it does come from high authority, that this RS could get the much desired four-wheel-drive system we craved in the current model. However this wouldn’t be your conventional 4WD layout as it is said that the RS team are working on a hybrid system. The idea is that the instant torque from the electric motor could counter the only real criticism of the RS and that is its weight. The lightning quick acceleration would also be aided be a petrol engine that can drive the remaining set of wheels. If you listen to this speculation you will also gather that this new car will have the performance to match the limited edition RS500, so about 350BHP.

Come on Ford, give us something official!!!