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Nissan 370Z GT Edition Adds Style


The immortal Z car in its latest regeneration is a brilliant sports car. Nissan’s 370Z is perky, well balanced and begins to cross the line over into its bigger brother, the GT-R, territory in terms of handling. To celebrate 40 years of the Z car in the UK Nissan has launched a special edition aimed at those looking for a little more focus from what is already a class leader.

The GT Edition adds no more power to the car but does have revised dampers and suspension setting giving it even sharper handling. Separating it from the standard car visually is the door stripe and the choice of three exclusive colours; pearl white, kuro and black rose. Also this 370Z sports a set of 19” alloy wheels made by RAYS.

Deliveries begin 1st June this year and prices for the Nissan 370Z GT Edition begin at £35,000.