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Nissan Leaf Available September 1st


The Nissan Leaf is set to be the world’s first mass produced all-electric car later this year. It pips the Chevrolet Volt, GM’s attempt at an EV, to the finishing post by just a few months giving Nissan the pride of being the first. The Leaf certainly isn’t a looker, in fact it looks much like a squirrel that met an unfortunate end after an articulated lorry decided to park on it. However ugly it is we must remember that come 1st September it will make automotive history.

A £257 deposit is required to secure your Leaf and the grand total of the car has been confirmed at a rather pricey £23,990. The government is attempting to shoehorn us into cars such as the Leaf with the aid of a £43,000,000 incentive scheme and up to £5000 being knocked off the price. But before you go rushing to the dealership for running costs as low as £2.50 per 100 miles, let’s not forget that the battery won’t last forever and it could cost up to £8000 to replace it at the end of its 8 year warranty.

There are a lot of pros and cons to electric motoring, at the moment there are far too many negative ends to the battery.