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Nissan Leaf Racing Car Is Electrifying


Alternative methods of fueling your car is a hot topic on the global forum. Regardless of what your beliefs are the truth is that more and more manufacturers are turning to electric propulsion. I was initially against the idea but after we tested the Nissan Leaf I could see its potential. Motorsport is a big blight against nature according to the environmentalist and so alternatives also need to be found there. Nissan has let tuner Nismo loose in the workshop and the result will please not only the green party but also racers.

This is the Nissan Leaf Nismo RC, an all electric two-door racing car that can cause a Prius to cower. To be unveiled at the New York motor show this carbon fibre racing car is good for a 0-60MPH time of 6.8 seconds. Nissan say there is a possibility of a one make race series for the RC if there was enough interest. The car is 6.7 inches wider than the standard yet weighs 40% less.

Lets hope this “sparks” some interest… (Sorry I’ll leave you alone now.)