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Nissan Plan Glorified Mobility Scooter


It seems pretty much everyday now that we receive news on something that will change our lives in the future or something that will save the environment. Well today is no different and its Nissan’s turn to blow the green trumpet. Named the Nissan Mobility Concept, it plans to give the polar bears a helping hand.

In essence it is one of those “chairs on wheels” you see the elderly scoot around in quite often except this is a little bigger, can seat two and will be road legal. Designed for short distances it will run solely on electric and be emissions free. Nissan say the four key words for the Mobility are:

  • Innovative – New two-seater compact mobility for various needs and occasions
  • Easy – Size which enables anyone to drive and park easily
  • Safe – Manoeuvrability equivalent to motorbikes with greater safety
  • Clean – No emissions while driving

We aren’t keen and to be perfectly honest find it to be much like a G-Wiz in a more attractive packet. Though we must applaud Nissan for their efforts with the Leaf.