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One-Off McLaren P1 MSO is the Business


McLaren P1 MSO rearOk, let us say for a moment that you are fortunate enough to be in possession of a McLaren P1. A 3.8 litre, V8 powered, 903BHP, technological marvel. It is your new pride and joy that is capable of 0-62MPH in just 2.8 seconds. Naturally you thought the £866,000 price tag was well worth it and to be in a club numbering just 375 is an honour. However, the wealthy tend to loiter in similar places and to bumping into another ultra rare McLaren P1 would be a bit like turning up in the same shirt. Enter the McLaren P1 MSO.

MSO stands for McLaren Special Operations, a devision of the British company that will customise your new toy to your every desire. The McLaren P1 MSO is like no other with features that are completely bespoke to this car. This examples owner wanted the traditional McLaren orange paint to feature in the details of his P1 as well as little elements that hark back to legendary F1. Rear quarter badging and a gold lined engine bay add to how unique this example is. Aluminium grills compliment its mesmerising grey paintwork. Inside four-point racing harnesses can be found donning the carbon seats.

McLaren P1 MSO insideMcLaren P1 MSO front