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One Year of Lotus Racing


Lotus is a very famous name in motorsport within a variety of disciplines, but they are most renowned for their efforts in Formula One. During the 1950’s they cut their teeth and over the following decade became a front running team signing star drivers such as Graham Hill. Good old British ingenuity at its best summed up the team in a sentence. The 1960’s and 70’s were the teams golden years winning race after race, championship after championship. However in the 80’s and 90’s it was a struggle for form and in 1994 the team pulled out. All that heritage was snuffed from the sport and with drinks sponsors cars winning championships these days it is that heritage that is missed. One year ago the Lotus name was made official in F1 again and with the automotive world elated they set to work.

One year on Lotus may not be the strongest of the teams on the grid, but with many new rules and regulations it was as if the team had entered the sport for the first time. With only 6 months in development the new Lotus F1 team had successfully built a car, not the fastest but as we have seen it is very consistent. Powered by another old name, Cosworth, the new car is rapidly being developed throughout the season and with this momentum also being put into next year’s car, I would expect to see them working their way up the field come 2011.

Good to have you back Lotus!