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Pay Attention 007, the Original Bond DB5 Is Up For Auction


There are many fantastic cars that have made the leap from the big screen and into our hearts but few gain that legendary status and become synonyms with the film. This very secluded group of motoring icons often have a reputation that precedes the film and as a result become very had to obtain in reality. The fastback Mustang from Bullet would be a prime example as this snorting star is near unobtainable and even more so if you want it in green. But by far and away the biggest car to become a film star is the Aston Martin DB5 serving under British secret agent James Bond. Want one? Of course you do, and it’s your lucky day as the original movie car goes up for auction later this year!

Sean Connery had two DB5’s for filming Goldfinger and Thunderball and this is the last remaining of them. The 1964 Aston Martin DB5 in truth wasn’t a fantastic car; in fact it drives much like a truck, but that’s not the point. This living legend is fitted with all the gadgets from the film and every one of them is operational. So if you want to leave people shaken and stirred as you drive by, you had best turn your attention to RM’s Automobiles of London auction on 27th October this year. Oh and you might want to bring some of that cash you have just won whilst playing poker as the DB5 is expected to sell for a figure with more than just a double zero, try $5,000,000.