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Peugeot 508 Revealed


Just when we thought the French company were heading in the right direction they go and make this. The RC-Z’s design work was very pleasant whereas this new 508 has the aesthetic qualities of road kill. This mashed badger is designed to replace the aging 407 and also enter Chinese markets. Let’s hope the Chinese are visually impaired or the 508 could be a bit of a flop.

Underneath the body this is a Citroen C5 and that’s no bad thing. The C5 is solid and has a very good ride quality to it as well as rather nimble handling for a car of its size. Technical details are rather few and far between at the moment but Peugeot have said that all engines in this model will have stop/start technology. The car will be official causing the public to be sick at its unveiling  in Paris later this year.