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Peugeot EX1 Concept Sets Nürburgring Record


Whether you build family saloons or exotic supercars there is only one testbed for your product. Often slated as “the green hell” most manufacturers spend a good deal of time on a track that is one of the most demanding for both car and driver. Peugeot last year showed us the EX1 Concept and we loved the cat that it could pass for the Batmobile. The electric roadster has been out and about making public appearances but today has set the fastest electric time around this fabled track.

The futuristic machine make the 12 mile run in 9:01.338 beating the previous electric record by an astonishing 50 seconds. In fact that time is pretty quick for many cars and so the 200th concept anniversary has proven its worth. With all-wheel-drive and 340BHP this car is something we would love to get out hands on. Unfortunately Peugeot say it will never make production. Shame.