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Peugeot Goes All Premium With Urban Crossover


Over the past few years Peugeot have been designing a series of cars that were rather bland and unappetizing. They never showed aspirations of being class leaders and up until the launch of the RCZ we were rather worried that Peugeot’s good work of the past would remain in the history books. The new 208 has shown that a change is coming for the French company and this new concept further pushed the point home.

The HR1 Concept we saw in 2010 has been reborn into a much more production ready car named the Urban Crossover. Looking to enter the premium market, Peugeot have used a bold styling design to make the car really look the part. We very much like the sculpted rear end and flared wheel arches that give it a touch of refined aggression. Let’s hope that the finished article stay true to this concept.