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Peugeot Launch New 208


The hatchback, the Brits most favored body style. From tiny city cars to more affluent family motors, the practical tailgate is here for us all. Peugeots relationship with the hatchback has been largely successful and with the popular 207’s lifespan coming to its end, the French company must produce a successor. The 207 did have a few issues in that it wasn’t much fun to drive in comparison to competitors but Peugeot say their new 208 addresses this.

Playing the still to be deciphered numbers game, this is the new 208. The lion states that this car harks back to the legendary 205 in the way it drives. Weighing in at only 975KG and as well as being armed with a short wheelbase the new hatch starts with good promise. The modern exterior condenses down into a cabin of high quality and simple style inside giving the car a more functional appearance. As far as engines go there will be; two petrol’s consisting of a 1.0 litre and a 1.2 litre, and five diesels offering up to 83MPG.

The 208 goes on sale summer 2012. The best news about all this? A GTI is on the way!