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Peugeot Reveal New 508 in Full


Oh Peugeot! You were doing so well… Aesthetic appeal has never been the French company’s strong point but their new RC-Z looks fantastic. It has it all; swooping body, double bubble roof and a generally pleasant sight in comparison with its siblings. So when things were looking up why is Peugeot to launch something that looks like a rodent after an unfortunate incident with a bus? This is the new 508 and it’s certainly not a pretty car.

From spring 2011 this car is available for purchase by anyone who can overcome its appearance. Replacing the 407 and 607, the 508 comes in both a saloon form as well as an SW estate for those times when you have to lug around the large boxes, defunct fridges and other awkward packages. Though the interior of the car is a much more pleasant place to be in comparison to the exterior, don’t expect luxury without paying for it. The top spec 508 will receive a 204BHP 2.2 litre engine that is plumbed into a 6 speed automatic gearbox.

So there you go, make of it as you will.