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Pirelli Shows It’s True Colours With F1 Tyres


Pirelli rubber has been under some of the greatest machines on the planet. Everything from supercars, WRC champions, GT Racers, the list goes on. But after a 20 year absence the Italian firm are returning to the holy grail that is Formula One. The new tyres will bring even more excitement to the sport this season as they have been designed only to last around 17 laps resulting in a potential total pitstop figure of 100+. To aid in identifying what compound different cars are using Pirelli have introduced a new colour scheme.

In 2011 there are 6 different types of tyres on offer and each has its own unique colour code so the fans, stewards and also rival teams can see exactly what rubber is being put down. The Wet compound is represented in orange; intermediate-blue, super soft-red, soft-yellow, medium-white and hard-silver. The grid this year will certainly look much more colorful to say the least.

Roll on Melbourne!