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Planning an Invasion? You’ll want a Mercedes G-Wagon


The Second World War occurred quite some time ago now and so what was cutting edge technology back then, no longer is today. But what if Germany decided to invade somewhere right now, what would they use? Apart from the obvious things like tanks and the like they would also need some form of light assault vehicle, something much like the Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon LAPV 6.X Concept.

This G-Class based beast with its “don’t mess with me” bulbar is a likely weapon of choice if war was to breakout. The G-Wagon will plough through anything you put in its path taking 2,866 pounds of cargo with it. The fully adjustable suspension has a hurdling 18 inches of ground clearance along with vast amounts of armoured plating and a radio jammer. This machine means business and I’m willing to bet that those ASBO orange wheels are a very just visual warning to the enemy.

We’ll take three…