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Production Vauxhall Ampera Hits Geneva


Vauxhall being under the General Motors umbrella means that it can vastly benefit from other companies also owned by the American business. Opel and Vauxhall these days may sell in different markets but essentially they both produce the same product with a different badge thus reducing the cost of manufacturing for the parent company. A similar tactic is being applied to the Chevrolet Volt with it arriving in the UK badged as a Vauxhall.

The Geneva motor show sees the production ready variant of this car for the first time, ok wearing an Opel badge but as explained above the only difference will be a Griffin on the front. The finished car is much like the concept we saw back in 2009 and some of these aggressive styling changes, front bumper and lights for example, are a preview of things to come. Underneath it is identical to the Volt and thanks to that 150BHP electric motor produces a rather tasty 370Nm of torque. The car will cost around £36,500 and is to reach our shores later this year.