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Products and Services for the Green Driver


hybridWith an ever-increasing focus on protecting the environment, eco-friendly methods for everything and anything are cropping up ubiquitously. Cars are perceived to be one of the biggest culprits of pollution, from diesel emitting fumes and excess cars on the road to asurplusin fuel consumption and environment-harming car cleaning products. So what can be done to ensure your car is eco-friendly?

Let’s take a look at a few products and services that will let you do just that:

DTE Systems

Digital Diesel Tuning Systems, or DTE Systems, are designed to increase your diesel car’s performance and improve fuel economy. It gives up to forty per cent increase in power and torque, up to twenty per cent increase in fuel economy and has a three year system warranty, meaning it’s good for the environment and great for your pocket! It works by the common rail principle, which basically means the brains of your computer, or engine control unit (ECU) is being told exactly how much fuel to inject for optimum efficiency and power.

Mobile Installation Service

Mobile installation service basically involves the introduction of automotive technology to your car, from hands-free kits to GPS systems and everything in between. Such technology is eco-friendly for all sorts of reasons; Sat Nav systems save you time, money and reduce fuel emissions, charging systems conserve electricity, and there are tones of eco-friendly, driving-interactive smartphone apps for your mobile which, when connected to your car, can assess how your driving habits affect your fuel economy. One great computer system for your car is the Parrot Asteroid Smart, which has full capability of connecting to the Internet while fitting neatly into the dashboard and also comes with a complete navigation system that can control your steering wheel functioning.

Synthetic Motor Oil

Apparently, making the switch to synthetic motor oil can make your oil last up to three times longer than petroleum-based oil, and can save 15 to 24 quarts of oil per year. There are plenty of articles singing its praises, as g-oil in particular is non-toxic, biodegradable and renewable. Better yet, why not also get a micro green oil filter? This will extend your oil consumption by up to thirty thousand miles, meaning less oil and fewer filters, saving you a considerable amount of money.


Heatshot is a fantastic product that releases heated fluid from your windscreen washer for those icy, hazy mornings. It uses less water, unfreezes your washer nozzles, enhances cleaning performance and extends the life of your wiper blades, meaning a reduction in waste. As the product’s main site states, it has the capacity to save fuel, hassle and lives. Faster, clearer windscreens mean a reduction in idling time, saving fuel and reducing the chances of accidents.

So there you have it, four great products and services that will complement you, your car and the environment. In being eco-friendly you are also being incredibly cost-effective and smart about the maintenance of your car. It makes sense to look after your car in order to look after your environment and your pocket too.