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Project Cars VS Real Life, Virtual becomes Reality


Project Cars 60's F1With a new generation of games consoles comes a new generation of games. The virtual world has long been a place for many petrol heads to escape the reality of their Fiat Punto and instead put a Ferrari F40 through its paces around Spa. The games have become more and more realistic mimicking not only the visual beauty of their four wheeled protagonists, but also their handling characteristics. Project Cars aims to utilise more of its platforms potential than any of its competitors. I think after seeing this video even the developers of Gran Turismo and Forza 5 would be impressed. Project Cars VS Real Life.

Although this example is clearly running on a very high specification PC, all variations for Xbox One and PS4 look mighty impressive. Here Project cars is put to the ultimate test as a side-by-side compression sees the virtual game take on real life. The result of these BMW’s running around Laguna Seca is nothing short of breathtaking. Graphically Project Cars is almost flawless and at some points even makes you question what side of the screen is reality. Take a look and be impressed. Project cars arrives in stores November 2014.