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Range Rover Evoque Reveals All


When you think Range Rover the first things that pop into your head are words like big, rugged, luxurious and 4X4. To be perfectly honest that is exactly what a typical Range Rover is, but thanks to the Eco-Nazi being so influential these days Range Rover have to differ from typical. Their new car isn’t big nor is it rugged and four wheel drive is an option. The company has just revealed all on the new Evoque.

The Range Rover Evoque is being marketed as the greenest car in the British company’s history boasting emissions of 130g/km and 58MPG. It also brings them into the compact SUV market but very much at the premium end of it as the Evoque boasts class leading luxury. Range Rover say that it is much more capable off-road than competitors but then that’s not saying much at all, I mean what does it have to compete with that even boasts the slightest mud mastery? Two variants of this baby Rover will be on offer come summer 2011, a full 4X4 variant and a more efficient front-wheel-drive. Buyers can have the choice of two 2.2 litre turbo diesels with prices starting at £30,000.

Has Range Rover undermined its very existence? Only time will tell.