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Are you Ready for the 2014 Formula One Season?


McLaren MP4-28Formula One is the pinnacle of motorsport. The worlds best engineers, strategists and drivers are all geared up and are ready to take on the challenges that 2014 has in store for them. Huge regulation changes in the sport will transform the way their machines look and function. New venues are just waiting for tyre to meet tarmac. Can Red Bull maintain their dominance as world champions despite these changing factors? Can McLaren recover their fighting form? Are you ready for the 2014 Formula One Season?

We are not too far away from the first preseason tests for F1 2014, but we have still yet to see a single teams car. Some teams have announced a date for their car whilst others are waiting for the first test on 28th January. McLaren’s MP4-29 will be first to reveal all on 24th swiftly followed by Ferrari on 25th. Other combatants reluctance to show off their new metal, or should we carbon, is in order to keep any advantages to their design a secret for as long as possible. Lotus will not attend the first test in Jerez due to their “build schedule.” In other words, the car isn’t ready yet.

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