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Red Bull Guide to Austrian GP


Red Bull CGIIt has been 11 years since the last Austrian Grand Prix and that is far too long for such an eventful circuit to be off of the calendar. Reasons for its loss vary dependant upon who you talk to but you can bet it was a combination of money, accessibility and facilities that contributed to its demise. Now owned by Red Bull and renamed “the Red Bull Ring” it returns for 2014. Four times Formula One world champion Sebastian Vettel and Daniel Ricciardo preview the new Austrian GP.

In yet another stunning CGI video from Red Bull, watch as you are guided through what makes the Austrian GP unique. Elevation changes, tight corners and difficult weather conditions will all play their part in determining a winner for this weekends race. Obviously this is the Red Bull founders home race and so the pressure is on to deliver, especially after a strong performance in Canada.

Red Bull have come a long way from their struggles at the beginning of 2014. Their Renault power unit is considerably weaker than that of Mercedes-Benz, however, their aerodynamic package is strong. Renault are still woking on the engine issues, but the question is, can they be fixed before Mercedes run off with the championship?