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Red Bull Launch 2012 RB8 F1 Car


Red Bull can no longer just be written of as a fizzy drinks company that got lucky… You do not win back to back both driver and constructors championships in Formula One without building an equation for success. With two very competitive drivers and arguably the best designer in the business, the world waited with baited breath to see what the latest masters of the universe could muster for 2012. Red Bull didn’t disappoint…

This is the much anticipated RB8 and it incorporates the “stepped nose” that every team is using other than McLaren. The rather ugly feature for this years cars is due to restrictions on the height of the nose, but the Red Bull appears to pull it off better than any of its competitors. The machine is visually intricate as it must produce as much down force as possible to compensate for the loss of the banned blown diffuser. The team are gunning for a third title and if past efforts are to be considered, it is hard to doubt them.