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Renault Kadjar Crossover Revealed


Renault Kadjar frontFollowing the success of the Captur, Renault are continuing their push into the world of crossovers with their first C-segment crossover, the Kadjar. It will make it’s public debut at the Geneva Motor before it initially goes on sale in Europe and in many African and Mediterranean countries in early Summer, onwards to China thereafter. Technical specifications related to the Kadjar will not be released until the Geneva Motor Show, but the company’s vice president for exterior design, Anthony Lo, explains how it shares many parts with the Nissan Qashqai. It also falls in the same market as the Qashqai alongside the Mazda CX-5, Ford Kuga and Hyundai ix35.

The Kadjar is expected to also share the same 1.5 and 1.6-litre diesel engines as found in the Qashqai. It will be available with two or four wheel drive – two wheel drive models have an Extended Grip system to improve traction on loose surfaces, so all models should be able to hold their own to some extent when taken off of the beaten path. It also has 19cm ground clearance as well as a stainless steel boot sill guard and front and rear skid plates for further protection.

The Renault Kadjar will arrive with engine stop-start, a hands free parking system, reversing camera, lane departure warning, road sign recognition and emergency brake assist – further trim and specification details will be revealed closer to the unveiling date.

The Kadjar will be a very important addition to Renault’s line-up, Laurens van der Acker, the company’s Senior Vice President said, “I think it is no secret that we are very late with this segment. It is a big gap in our line-up that we have finally filled and it is very important for us to finally have a C crossover”

This new addition is also slightly larger than the Qashqai, meaning it has boot which is 472 litres – 42 litres greater than the Nissan and also has a system to allow the boot to be split into two or three sections as well as an adjustable floor. There is 30 litres of extra space around the cabin and the front passenger seat can be folded flat to serve as a small table or to create extra space for accommodating longer objects.

Van der Acker also said “It was important to do a big brother of Captur – it was not important to do a sister of Qashqai.” This would suggest despite sharing many elements with the Qashqai, Renault have taken their own approach to this segment with the Kadjar. He also mentioned “The goal is not to steal sales from the Qashqai. It is to steal sales from Volkswagen, from Kia, from Toyota, and I think there is room in the market to do it.” The confidence demonstrated here could mean that Renault may have joined the party late, but there is still plenty of cake for them.

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