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Road America comes to Forza Motorsport 5


Inside Lane FOrza Motorsport 5 SLS drift Road AmericaForza Motorsport 5 is the Xbox One’s flagship racing game that provides glorious digital recreations of our four wheeled heroes. Stunning visuals, super accurate simulation physics and enough technical aspects to satisfy even the most detail obsessed petrol head. Forza 5 is undoubtably the best racing game out there and is a fantastic representation of what these “next-gen” games consoles are capable of. However, one big criticism of Turn 10, the games studio, was the lack of tracks available to race on. The shortfall in comparison to other incarnations of Forza was due to rebuilding every track for the new consoles capabilities and the amount of time this takes to do. Road America comes to Forza Motorsport 5.

Turn 10 have released a new FREE update for the game, it installs as soon as you put the disc in, that adds the famous Road America track. With several variations, this astonishingly accurate digital representation contains every bump, scuff and rough patch of tarmac that its real-life counterpart does thanks to laser scanning technologies. Turn 10 scanned the real track to ensure that this level of detail, as well as the extreme elevations changes of the circuit were perfect. Also on offer is a free DLC car pack for all Car Pass members that offers a beautiful Ferrari 365 GTB/4 “Daytona” among others.

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