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Robert Kubica Injured In “High Speed” Crash UPDATE


The Lotus-Renault GP Formula One pilot, Robert Kubica, has been injured in a high speed crash in Italy. He was partaking in another motorsport event that he enjoys and whilst driving the Skoda Fabia rally car he lost control and crashed with some ferocity. He was then airlifted to the nearest hospital when he his currently been seen to by medical professionals. Currently it is unclear what his injuries are but reports suggest it could be his wrist.

His co-driver is reported to be fine but we do not yet know the extent of Robert’s injury. Kubica of late has been partaking in multiple rally events and has been showing as much promise on the rough stuff as what he does in F1.

Lotus-Renault GP will notify us when more information is available. It is more than likely that this will effect his participation in the next winter tests. Get well soon Robert!


Roberts Skoda rally car crashed into  a church wall on the way to the start of the event. He has suffered fractures to his right arm, hand and leg. There are growing fears that he may lose his right hand due to his injuries. Surgens are currently trying to re-establish functionality of the hand, Roberts manager Daniele Morelli said “Robert is very strong and he will do it!” We sincerely hope he does…

Update 2:

Robert has just come out of extensive surgery to his hand where the complexity of his injuries have been made apparent. The real issue is the damage done to the tendons and if the reconnections are effective. Nobody can say for sure how functional his hand will be but one surgen said it will take a year for a full recovery meaning he is unlikely to compete in 2011. We expect an official statement from Lotus-Renault GP in the morning.

Update 3:

Some good news folks! Robert was woken and has been talking to relatives but better yet he has the ability to move his fingers… There is still a long way to go in his recovery process and the extent of the long-term damage to his hand is as yet unknown, but this news is promising. He has now been sedated and will remain so for the next 24 hours to allow for some recuperation. He may yet need further surgery for other injuries but not for the next few days.