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Rolls-Royce Develop Electric Phantom


They are they last word in luxury, the definition of refinement on the road. For over 100 years Rolls-Royce has provided the world with the ultimate symbol of wealth and power meaning its the weapon of choice for almost everybody who is anybody. However the world is a changing place and how your motorized stately home is powered could be up for debate. Roll-Royce could be preparing for revolution.

Appearing at the Geneva motor show will be the worlds first electric Rolls-Royce; a phantom every part the same as the standard car with the exception of an alternative drivetrain. Named the 102EX it is a test car that will be touring Europe gauging not only the technologies viability but also peoples opinions of whether an electric “Roller” is still fitting with what is perceived to be a Rolls-Royce.

We have been promised the full specifications come 1st March.