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Saab to Spark Electric Cars?


Less than 6 months ago Saab was a company teetering on the edge of existence. One week it was said to be all over, the next there was hope in the form of various privateers. The key reason nobody wanted the Swedish manufacturer is because though the badge still held credit in the market, each car barely made a profit. These days Saab is flourishing once again but under the unlikely ownership of Dutch supercar manufacture Spyker. Now they are looking to push their regeneration a step further with all-electric vehicles.

Early next year Saab will begin testing some all-electric prototype 9-3’s to gather research and test new technology in a bid to branch into the emerging eco-saloon market. They aim to reduce fuel consumption considerably over the next few years and also decrease general displacement of the engines in future models.

Keep your eyes open at upcoming motor shows because I would expect to see an electric concept arriving some time soon.