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Seat IBX Concept Is Hotter Than The Spanish Sun


Seat, hmmmmm… Design wise they do often produce some rather interesting shapes. In fact the new Leon I thought was rather good but these days its whats underneath a Seat that may bother you. Oh its all perfectly well engineered stuff but it does seem like the Spanish firm received all of VW’s old hand-me-downs. However from under a silk sheet in Geneva appears a rather exciting concept.

The Seat IBX Crossover is a very attractive car indeed. It previews future design directions for the company and also marks the first time they have considered moving into this market. Its a hybrid and in all-electric mode the car can cover a respectable 28.6 miles. Seat say this is a genuine probe to test the market for such a model and if it is well received we could see a production variant possibly with 4WD.