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“Selling Your First Car Is Like Selling A Piece Of Your Soul…”


I remember the very first time I saw it. It was in a rather suspicious garage in a particularly unfriendly part of town, but I like everyone else who buys their first car was on a budget and not in a position to be fussy. It wasn’t the car I wanted but the insurance was just about affordable and the revvy little engine made me smile during the test drive. I bought it there and then. Against logic, against my Dads advice and against my aspirations for what I wanted as my first car. But do you know what? To this day I am glad that I did! For the time I have owned it the car has been quite the character…

My car was never the fastest out there, never the best looking or the best equipped. Put it on a twisty B-road though, and it was a riot to drive. If you were willing to work the gearbox acceleration was brisk and the engine never stopped screaming. Because it was so light it skipped from corner to corner like a gazelle. However, your experience with your first car is about more than just how it drove you from a to b. It is about those times you crammed your mates into it and drove to Wales. It is about those scary moments when you drive over a bump a bit too quick and leave the ground. It is about those times where it kept you dry, made you smile, made you poor, made you angry, and made you glad you bought it.

But as with everything in life, a time comes to say goodbye. I hate people who get all sentimental about their car, yet just moments ago a friend said to me said “well you must hate yourself then.” I’m being the worlds biggest hypocrite right now in saying I don’t care, I’m going to miss my car. At the end of the day it may just be a bucket of nuts and bolts, but its my bucket of nuts and bolts that has never once let me down.

Your first car is like your first girlfriend, many more will follow, but it will always be your first.