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Shadowy Figure Orders 10 One-77’s


We absolutely adore Aston Martin’s latest creation, the One-77. This phenomenal hyper car is fresh from the realms of fantasy with its ultra-modern and unique styling, not to mention its 7.0 litre V12 700BHP+ hand crafted power unit. This car is the embodiment of the brand, literally having no limits in its design not even a budget to stick to. This paired with its highly exclusive club of 77 owners makes for a rather hefty price tag. £1,200,000 to be precise and as a result does put it a little out of reach of the Inside Lane budget. As you can imagine buying one of these beasts is a worthwhile yet extremely cost driven investment, however this didn’t stop a mystery man placing an order for 10.

Coming to a grand total of £12,000,000 the unnamed owner of his own One-77 fleet has purchased 13% of the cars total output. Each car is distinguishable by colour and customised interior making each unit individual. The shadowy figure, supposedly of middle-eastern origins, has just made getting your hands on the ultimate Aston Martin much harder and has no doubt increased the cars value significantly.

Is it greed or just the love for what Aston has done with this fabled creature? Either way we don’t blame him, not one bit!