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Shelby 1000 Is The ULTIMATE Mustang


The Ford Mustang is an American icon. The pony car embodies bold engineering and a complete disregard for civilization. It is power first, second and third, occasionally followed by some nice seats. But the next notch up is the Shelby Mustang, some would call it the ultimate variant. If they are talking about the new 800BHP GT500 that can reach 200MPH you would think they were right, but not now. Not with the Shelby 1000.

Guess how much horsepower this beast has? Yep, no prizes, it has the full 1000BHP. As well as all that grunt for $200,000 you get a limited number car, stripped out interior, meatier brakes, stiffer suspension and race driveshaft. If you are 9 years old, we share the same excitement. Full details to follow at the cars debut in New York.