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Sir Sterling Moss Retires From Racing


Motor racing is a burning passion for many with 200MPH being an everyday occurrence. Over the decades of its evolution the sport has seen many incredible machines and men brave enough and talented enough to pilot them. The term “living legend” is reserved for a few noble men but none more so than Sir Sterling Moss and today we received the sad news that he is to retiring from racing.

Sir Stirling Moss has a racing career that spans over six decades and over 200 races. At the age of 81 there is no doubting he still has his race craft and maintains his demeanor of being a true British gentleman at all times. He made his decision to retire today whilst qualifying for the Le Mans 24 hour. “This afternoon I scared myself and I have always said that if I felt I was not up to it or that I was getting in the way of fellow competitors, then I would retire. I love racing, but now it is time to stop.”