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Smart Forspeed Concept Shown


The Smart car… Typical culprit of being the little blighter that is hiding in a car park space you think is empty. At one point the tiny city car was very popular and could be seen parking nose first along high streets everywhere. Of late they haven’t been doing quite so well with the company even putting stickers on their cars in an attempt to coax buyers back into life. Though their latest concept car could be that missing SPARK they are looking for.

Named the Forspeed, this roofless midget aims to bring the fun of driving such a small car back to the road. Though rainy days may be an issue thanks to the complete lack of any cover for the driver, the Forspeed foreshadows Smart’s future. This all-electric car will only do 75MPH but you do get a range of 84 miles. A slightly more worrying note is that we have received a 0-37MPH time of 5.5 seconds but nothing as far the standardized 0-62MPH goes. Was it really so embarrassing that it could not be published?

The car shall make its debut at the Geneva motor show.