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Spirit of Ecstasy Hits 100 With Rolls-Royce


Rolls-Royce today make everything from jet engines to power plants for Naval ships, however it is the four wheeled variety that the majority of people think of when presented with the double R. The British manufacture builds undoubtedly the most luxurious cars on the planet with the rear quarters resembling more of a living room than back seats. With every gadget and gizmo imaginable Rolls-Royce to this day still claim that the loudest thing inside their cars at 100MPH is the clock, and though that is a bold claim it is one that also rings true. Over its history models have come and gone but one thing has remained the same, the flying lady on the bonnet…

This year sees the 100th year the Spirit of Ecstasy has stood proudly upon Rolls-Royces as the symbol of their excellence. First introduced in 1911 she hasn’t aged a day and to celebrate this anniversary Rolls has some special events planned. For example the Spirit was first registered to R-R on February 6th and so a prestigious parade of the luxury cars will snake through london.

Happy Birthday Miss Ecstasy!