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Spyker to Be Sold Through Saab


To be perfectly honest there is no real reason to loiter around a Saab dealership. The cars though pleasant to drive and well-built can only be described as being beige, nothing out of the ordinary. However with Dutch supercar manufacturer Spyker’s recent acquisition of Saab, things could be getting spicy. We wouldn’t expect to find this ultra-rare supercar sharing showroom space with a 9-5 but it’s certainly looking that way.

Spyker though creators of one of the world’s most fantastically designed supercars haven’t been hitting the numbers of late. Recent reports have stated that the company must increase output by 2011 or the doors to the factory may close. To help boost sales the Dutch company are doubling their dealer network by making it possible to purchase one of their fabled machines through Saab. Keep a weather eye on your nearest Saab outlet as the company’s new C8 Aileron could well find a home there.